BioLite 330

BioLite 330

Pros: rechargeable, bright, compact, convenient, there is a lock function and a battery indicator.

Cons: short run time, not fully waterproof, small buttons on and off.

Flashlight BioLite 330 has the thinnest profile of all included in the rating. The lamp located on the front almost merges with the belt, and the thin battery pack located on the back perfectly balances the system. BioLite does not bounce or slide when moving, making it a great choice for nightly jogging and hiking. In addition, the very fact of moving the battery pack back makes the design of the headlamp more comfortable and balanced. The advantages of the BioLite 330 model are good brightness, the presence of a rechargeable battery and a battery status indicator, which means that before you leave home, you can always check how much charge is left. On the practical side, BioLite is an excellent choice for both jogging and walking, and for multi-day trips that do not include night transitions.

Petzl Actik CORE

Petzl Actik CORE

Pros: recharged, bright, provides high-quality light (does not fade as the battery runs out), easy to use.

Cons: high cost, short burning time on a single charge, not fully waterproof, no lock function.

The light quality of Petzl’s lanterns is the strongest point of this brand. On the practical side, the Petzl Actik CORE headlamp is a convenient, reliable and efficiently working model that always provokes only positive reviews. Actik CORE is a bit more expensive than Actik’s AAA battery, but it weighs less and provides 50 lumens more at maximum brightness. Although both models provide the option of using AAA batteries and rechargeable batteries, the Actik CORE model can also use the included common battery. Both models are easy to operate and form a high-quality luminous flux that combines both focused and defocused light. If you are looking for a reliable rechargeable headlamp so that every time you hit the road, you know that the batteries will be fully charged, then the Petzl Actik CORE is a great choice.

Black Diamond Spot 325

Black Diamond Spot 325

Pros: long operating time, bright, convenient, waterproof (IPX8), there is a battery indicator, there is a lock function, excellent workmanship.

Cons: does not use batteries, inconvenient mode settings.

Black Diamond Spot 325 received positive reviews from most tourists and travelers. The updated version of this flashlight has a more powerful LED that provides high brightness, but most importantly it works longer than ever. The model is neat, comfortable and the brightest of the flashlights with a long period of work, tested for this review. Spot 325 is one of the best, due to its very wide functionality, and considering the price it can be called the most profitable acquisition in comparison with analogues. To understand how to use the Black Diamond headlamp it will take a little longer than usual, but this is justified for a gadget with so many functions and modes.

Sledopyt PF-PFL-L51

The device is equipped with a dynamo that charges a capacious battery with the muscular strength of the hand. This flashlight is always guaranteed to provide its owner with a reliable light source.

A durable plastic case will keep the flashlight in a healthy condition for a long time under almost any operating conditions.
The flashlight is compact and lightweight, its dimensions are 100x50x25 mm, and weighs only 63 grams, which allows you to carry it in your pocket.

Lighting is done using three high-power high-brightness LEDs.
The flashlight does not require regular battery replacement or recharging from the city mains network, which eliminates the cost of bringing the device to a healthy state.

Fenix BC30 Cree XM-L2

Two LEDs Cree XM-L2 provide a brightness of 1800 lumens, which allows you to illuminate the space in front of 170 m

The ribbed aluminum case increases heat transfer, which reduces the temperature load on the components of the device and, thereby, increases its service life
Highly efficient reflector allows you to get a wide side illumination, thereby increasing visible space

The mount, which is supplied in the kit, allows for quick installation and dismantling of the lamp, and also provides the possibility of its rotation by 30 °

A special LED indicator lights up in red, indicating that the battery is low

Led Lenser MT10

You can use USB ports to charge the flashlight, which allows you to use powerbank or PC as an energy source
Smart Light technology allows you to adjust the power and power consumption of the flashlight, as well as activate additional modes: Boost, Morse, SOS, DIM

A universal double-sided clip is installed on the case, increasing the ability to mount a flashlight
Features of the battery design can significantly save time by charging the battery by 80% in just 180 minutes

The device is equipped with a special indicator showing the current battery level

ArmyTek Viking Pro v3 XP-L

You can connect an external power button, which is convenient when using the device as an under-barrel flashlight.

Electronics provides stable brightness even with a low battery charge and at an ambient temperature of -13 F.

High energy efficiency increases the duration of the flashlight, which allows it to function up to 100 days in minimum brightness mode.

The high strength of the case makes it possible to transfer falls from a small height without breakdowns, as well as withstand increased dynamic loads during recoil during firing.

Protection against immersion in water allows the device to be used at depths of up to 50 meters.

ArmyTek Dobermann XP-L

Failsafe operation at a depth of 50 meters under water due to additional protection against penetration of water.

The brightness is 1100 lumens, which allows the flashlight to confidently illuminate the space at a distance of up to 300 meters.

The design of the device provides for the possibility of mounting on small arms as an underbarrel flashlight.

It has increased strength and remains operational after hitting the ground when falling from a small height.

A powerful battery allows the flashlight to work in economy mode for up to 18 days.

The package includes a cover, clip, spare cap for the button, as well as spare o-rings.

Petzl Tikkina E91

The headlamp is very convenient to use due to its small size and weight, as well as thoughtful mount with a secure fit.

Thanks to the use of Hybrid technology, the flashlight can be powered not only with ordinary batteries, but also with rechargeable batteries without additional devices.

The flashlight is convenient and easy to operate – all manipulations to change the state and operating modes are performed using one button.

The flashlight provides a long operating time without recharging batteries and replaceable batteries – up to 220 hours in economy mode.

The lantern can be safely taken with you to nature, it will not suffer even with the strongest rain, since it is protected according to the IP X4 moisture resistance standard.